Sectors We Support


We at the forefront of global research into clean maritime propulsion solutions. Greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping activities currently account for 3% of global emissions (2022). Without rapid action to decarbonise the sector, these emissions will grow in the coming decade.

Road & Rail

Centre for Future Clean Mobility (CFCM) are going beyond borders and boundaries to create innovative solutions to make our roads and rail zero carbon. We have a team of experts and several industry partnerships in this field. Ready to support your project from start to finish.

Defence & Off Highway

It is vital for defence vehicles to be equipped with the latest technology and become less reliant on fossil fuels. The British Army is developing strategies to adopt greener technology into the MOD’s equipment fleet. 

Clean Supply Chains

The supply chains for components feeding into fossil fuel automotive, to a large extent, also feed into the supply chains for truck, off-highway, defence, and marine. The vast majority of diesel sold in the UK is for road cars.